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  • Ben Cole

Indie songwriter Tom A Smith returns with his most mature single yet, 'Fading Away'!

Sunderland’s fresh faced, 19-year-old Indie songwriter Tom A. Smith launched his most convincing and compelling track to date on October 12th with ‘Fading Away’, accompanied by a charming music video containing footage of Smith from over 10 years ago that utilises the metaphor of space travel to depict his ongoing self-discovery.

Ironically, despite vulnerable lyrics about feeling increasingly disillusioned and lacking direction, sonically ‘Fading Away’ is more assured and balanced than any of Smith’s prior releases, proven with a satisfying call and response between dazzling, Strokes-esque guitars and a jittery, pulsating bassline.

Hugo White of The Maccabees helped produce the single and his influence is evident, ensuring the blend of guitars fashions a euphoric ambience that his old band would be proud of. This is married with Smith’s raspy yet passionate vocal delivery that oozes a confidence not observed on previous efforts.

With three EPs released in under a year and a half, alongside almost 30 dates in his upcoming headline November and December 2023 tour, the impressive Smith is braced for liftoff onto festival mainstages in 2024, so go and see him in an intimate venue whilst you still can!


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