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Indie songwriter Ruby Joyce returns with new single 'Boy Pitch'

One of our favourite north-west newcomers, Ruby Joyce, has returned at last with her third single, 'Boy Pitch'. Following the earworming 'Growing On You', she seems to have returned with the bit between her teeth, opening the new track with an astute and powerful vocal delivery that never falters throughout. It is not always filled with rage and delivered with force but it always has a sunken-eyed confidence as each word is delivered with a silky finesse and a direct intent.

The first two minutes showcase her slick Indie songwriting style and her newfound confidence with a full band around her. However, around the 2 and a half minute mark the track really comes alive as it dives head first into an angst-ridden raucous. Reminiscent of some of Crawlers' chorus' the vocals are delivered with a deep passion while the instrumentals ring around in a swirling storm of sound.

This added intensity is carried forward to the final chorus that offers perhaps Ruby's most captivating vocal performance to date and an infectiously energetic instrumental backing that seems built for the live stage. You can hear Ruby's music growing with eery release so we can't wait to see what she has in store for the rest of 2023!


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