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Indie singles of the month: February 2022 ft. Foals, The Snuts, Sophia Alexa & more!

A fantastic month for new music as lots of gear up for new albums dropping in 2022. Here is just a few of our favourite Indie singles from February.

Khartoum - I Was Born

One of the most criminally underappreciated new Indie Rock acts in the UK has to be London's Khartoum. Throughout 2021 they never failed to deliver an anthem and by the sound of their brand new single 'I Was Born' they are continuing this run in 2022. In contrast to the upbeat Indie Dance energy of their last release 'Vultures', this new track takes on a more Rock infused vibe. The fuzzy guitar tone instantly signals that this is a gritty, angst driven offering as the verse has a fantastic dark arrogance to it. The vocals have the swagger of Confidence Man while the electrifying Rock instrumentation rings of the modern Blues power of The Black Keys. Another hit to add to their rapidly growing collection.

Foals - 2am

Foals are back with two new singles as they gear up for their 8th album which they have described as their answer to a party record. Appropriately, the latest of these two new singles in titled '2am'. In terms of style these new tracks don't sound too dissimilar to 2019's 'Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost pt.1' as they take the complex art school rhythms that ran throughout their debut album and churn them through a bigger, more punchy and electronically charged machine. '2am' is driven by a retro toned synth melody and crisp but not over complicated guitar line. Together they provide a really joyful sound that gradually builds up to big groovy chorus's aided by the echoed chorus of vocals that have become synonymous with the band's music. Foals are not only staggeringly consistent but are actually still improving nearly 15 years on from their debut record!

Colour Tongues - Ashgrove

The new single from Canadian quartet Colour Tongues cements itself as an Indie banger right from the word go with its high energy power and overlapping guitar patterns with a lead riff that is infectious straight away. It is this layering of guitars that really makes this track standout. The chorus sees a sing along vocal line provide the base melody while an array of guitar melodies intertwine and create a really thick and euphoric instrumental that you can't help but get lost in. The drums maintain a dancey energy throughout and by the finale it feels as if the whole band is singing as one with soaring vocal chants. Super catchy and a perfect entry point to one of Canada's most exciting Indie acts.

Sophia Alexa - Hit & Run

Half American, half German, London-based songwriter Sophia Alexa has only three singles to her name but she is quickly becoming one of the most promising new Female Indie artists with her fine balance between blissful textures and upbeat energy. The slick vocal sounds and bedroom pop atmosphere of her latest track are initially low key, yet the punchy electro drum beat provides an early hint of what is to come. Although the lyrics of isolation and introspection are pretty melancholic there is still a feel-good rhythm running throughout and this really comes to show in the chorus. It contrasts emotive lyrical content with a carefree energy that is perfect for forgetting all your worries on late night drives.

Creature Canyon - Pressure

San Diego outfit Creature Canyon infuse their Indie sound with elements of Funk and psychedelia to create a spaced out groovy vibe that still offers crisp melodies throughout. The fact that the people who worked on this new single have previously worked with the likes of Arctic Monkeys, Foster The People, The Black Keys, Cage The Elephant and Vance Joy) highlights the mature, well crafted sound that they have gone for in what they are describing as a new era for the band. 'Pressure' is texturally rich, with synths bringing in a pop brightness while a crunchy lead guitar tone adds in a little bite. At the same time funky guitar rhythms provide a thick dancy atmosphere for the super clean vocal melodies to earworm their way into your mind. A fresh and vibrant sound that holds up against any of the Indie Pop giants.

The Snuts - Zuckerpunch

Last but not least we have the return of the new Scottish Indie giants, The Snuts. After scoring a UK number with their debut record last year, they are back less than 12 months later with two new tracks. Their new songs still carry that Scottish swagger and distinctive, piercing guitar sound but this time round they sound a lot more pissed off with the world! 'Burn The Empire' delved into their Punkier side and produced an infectious revolutionary anthem and, while this new track 'Zuckerpunch' is not as glaringly abrasive it is still as lyrically potent and lacks the clean Indie varnish that some of their biggest hits have been coated with. It captures a more urban feel with its slightly more electro beats, synth melody and solid rolling beat and, alongside 'Burn The Empire', shows signs that their is a real fire behind this new project.


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