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Indie quintet Back To Yours release sophomore album 'It's Dangerous At Home'

Beginning as five friends playing Beatles covers in their backyards, Indie outfit Back To Yours are now a highly acclaimed band with two albums to their name. They combine fun-loving, festival-ready singles with deeper cuts filled with soul and flair, incorporating a wide range of sonic influence. Their new album 'It's Dangerous At Home' showcases all sides of their songwriting arsenal and, whatever your tastes, will have something to captivate you!

The opening track 'I Must Be Confused' begins with a display of romantic crooning over rich piano tones. Then, the chorus ramps up the intensity with angsty drum stabs and anthemic, layered vocal shouts. The track follows on switching between these two styles and constantly showing elements of refined, sophisticated harmony and moments of higher-intensity Indie Rock expression. The final moments are flavoured with a beautifully soulful Rock guitar solo and smashing drum sounds to go out with a bang!

In complete contrast, 'i don't wanna share you with the world' plays off a more Spanish/Jazz sound using stripped back, organic percussive sounds and shuffling acoustic rhythms. It exudes a wholesome romance and a vibrant flair as if you are being serenaded while on a European city break. The vocal lines are super smooth and finessed. Delicate piano notes also filter their way in, adding yet another layer of rich, sophisticated sonic texture that will take you back in time.

Two great tracks that show just how versatile the five guys are!

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