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Indie Post Punk outfit, Gardening, combine dark tension with dreamy euphoria in new single 'Relapse'

Following their previous release ‘1977’, London’s Indie Rock, Post-Punk outfit ‘Gardening’ are back with their newest single, ‘Relapse’. Coming together in 2019, the band used the downtime of the pandemic to emotionally connect and return to the music scene with a refreshed sense of style. The band take us on an emotional rollercoaster throughout ‘Relapse’, with its angry lyrics and contrasting instrumentation and textures.

The song begins with muted drums, energetic rhythmic guitar, and subdued gritty vocals, almost distorted in nature. A dark and tense atmosphere is created in the verses, which is almost flipped on its head when we reach the chorus, replaced by a dreamier and more uplifting soundscape. These interwoven energies make for an unpredictable and unique track, enhanced by the interjecting bell tones and whip-like sound effects.

The lyrics touch on the idea of being at odds with someone; singer-songwriter Niall explains:

"We believe we’ve grown but once we’re back in the same environments, everything rushes back with a vengeance…"

This edgy feeling of unpredictability is emphasised by the music's structure; pulling back slowly, just to return dramatically with full force. This impressive single will keep anyone on their toes, building further excitement for what’s to come from this fiery ensemble!


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