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Indie Pop songwriter Dawks releases new heartfelt banger 'RIGHT PLACE / WRONG TIME'

The newly arrived Indie Pop project Dawks is the work of Hartlepool's Luke Dawkins. After looking back at all demos and primitive song ideas written over a decade ago, Luke decided to focus in on these long lost melodies and use his newfound songwriting nouse to transform them into fully fledged, powerful Indie hits.

His debut releases gained instant attention and received praise from tastemakers such as BBC Radio 6 Music's Steve Lamacq and his sophomore single 'Champagne' followed in the same vain, proving that Dawks is anything but a one-hit wonder. Now, he has returned once again with his latest track 'RIGHT PLACE / WRONG TIME'.

From the first few seconds of the track you are swamped by a huge wave of uplifting, anthemic Indie euphoria. The crashing drums ring of the stadium filling Brit-Pop hits while the soaring vocal lines are built for a summer festival singalong!

Luke stated that his influences range from modern Indie heavyweights like Beabadoobe and DMAs to rock giants like Foo Fighters, Smashing Pumpkins and Tom Petty. In this track, the sound of DMA's really shines through as the big festival instrumentals provide an uplifting, energetic and all-encompassing sound for Luke's vocals to drift through with beautifully swooping melodies that have a gentle breezy quality whilst also offering enough power to insist that you sing a long. This a wonderful single that confirms Dawks is one to watch.


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