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Indie newcomers The Manatees release new EP 'Dream In Colour'!

The Manatees claim that they hail from a sleepy town on the south coast of England yet there is not one thing sleepy about their sound! Combining funky, hip-hop inspired rhythms with crisp Indie Pop tones to make a style that is both infectiously groovy and undeniably catchy. Their new EP is a fantastic four-track showcase of what they're all about.

Opening track ‘The Sound’, begins with a tantalising, gritty delivery and scratchy guitar style. It builds as if about burst open into a big chorus but first slips into a slick groove with a delicate and intricate guitar line. However, that chorus does come and it is huge when it does! The back and forth between the melodic backing vocals and the more angular, tightly rolled vocal flow of the lead is, once again, perfect for the live environment and is comparable to The Snuts' infectious style.

‘Dream In Colour’ is another Indie hit! First of all it lures you into a pretty serene groove, with some funky drum patterns and a reserved yet slick vocal delivery. However this opening is merely the prelude to a huge chorus thatblends an instantly memorable vocal melody and synth line that are backed by a powerful and punchy drums that crash down in the backdrop and elevate the powerof each line! The instrumental break offers what is perhaps there heaviest, darkest Rock moment as swagger-filled vocals chant in the background while a deep, festival-ready riff leads the line.

'How Was I To Know' really shows off their skills of arrangement and composition and the soaring back and forth by the two different vocal lines create an infectious call and response perfect for a live setting while the high-pitched guitar hook matches the vocal pattern to offer a super catchy melody. The thrashing instrumental section towards the end of the track also highlights that they're not afraid to raise the intensity and stray into the heavier side of Indie. 'Hunger' then wraps up the EP with another, anthemic, emotive Indie stomper. This is a really powerful announcement to the Indie scene that The Manatees are one of the most exciting newcomers around.


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