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Indie newcomers Lip Filler release Post-Punk tinged single 'Limelite'!

Right from the very first seconds of Lip Filler’s new single 'Limelite' you can tell that it’s going to be an angsty, in-your-face ordeal! The early vocal shout makes you stand to attention and perfectly sets up the Punk attitude for the rest of the track. It isn’t long before the deep bass line and sharp, scratchy guitar tone kick in, adding to this discontented sound.

However, the band then cut out to allow the vocals shine through…and shine through they do, landing much more melodic than the initial instrumentals had hinted at. From this point the track takes on a more Indie feel with bright guitar chords and expressive vocal flows.

Yet, the darker Post Punk sound is never too far away as it returns periodically to offer a more sinister atmosphere. This constant t battle between melody and angst creates constant interest and a sound that both lovers of mid 00s indie bangers and modern Post Punk anthems can enjoy!

This single is a very clever new release that teases two sides of their sound and beautifully weaves warring sonic emotion in a mature, assured fashion.


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