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Indie hitmakers The Manatees return with festival-ready single 'Better Way To Think Of It'!

The Manatees claim that they hail from a sleepy town on the south coast of England yet there is not one thing sleepy about their sound! Combining funky, hip-hop inspired rhythms with crisp Indie Pop tones to make a style that is both infectiously groovy and undeniably catchy.

Their EP 'Dream In Colour' announced them as one of the UK's most promising Indie newcomers. The back and forth between the melodic backing vocals and the more angular, tightly rolled lead vocal flow in ‘The Sound’ was perfect for the live environment while tracks like 'How Was I To Know' really showcased their skills of arrangement and composition while, once again, the soaring back and forth by the two different vocal lines offered an infectious call and response effect. Now, they have returned just in time for festival season with their new single 'Better Way To Think Of It'.

The new single is a more synth led track that offers atmospheric electronics as the background to the verses, building tension for another unforgettable chorus from the band! Firstly, a powerful, pounding drum pattern is matched by viciously delivered lyrics in the pre-chorus before they dive head first into a euphoric, dance-worthy singalong. The synth lines matches the vocal melody, really sticking it on your head. This bouncy, electro Indie chorus is reminiscent of Sundara Karma or Vistas in its tone and is the ideal track for festival season as it offers the moshers a huge chorus to dance to and the singers a memorable vocal line they can chant back.

Another instant winner from The Manatees!


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