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Indie hitmaker Martin Luke Brown gears up for debut album 'damn, look at that view!'

After taking a hiatus from his solo career to focus on his work behind the scenes in the music industry, writing and producing for the likes of BTS, Dylan, Greta Isaac, Orla Gartland and many more, Martin Luke Brown is set to return with his debut album ‘damn, look at that view!’ later this year.

By the sounds of his first few singles from the record, it’s not one to be missed. The album’s title track is a beautiful piano ballad about living in the moment. The rich piano lines provide a thought provoking bittersweet atmosphere before suddenly being replaced by a soaring electronic soundscape that could have come straight out of a Hans Zimmer soundtrack.

On the other end of his sonic spectrum, his latest offering ‘**it gets better’ is a straight up Indie Pop banger! The pulsating electronic percussive beat has a persistent driving energy while the vocals land bright and full of energy and full of a carefree, wanderlust spirit. This is undoubtedly the track that will see Martin Luke Brown shoot into the mainstream eye.


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