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Home Counties gear up for debut album with new single 'Uptight'!

As Home Counties gear up for their debut album (Due 3rd May 2024), they have continued to showcase their newfound sound with their latest single ‘Uptight’. Having won us round with their abstract, angsty and expressive electro Punk explosions of their early music, they have well and truly switched things up for their new record.

Photo Credit: Lily Doidge

Following in the same vain as earlier single ‘Bethnal Green’, this new track has a much slicker finesse than their earlier work. They still utilise their knack for infectious, dance worthy Funk rhythms to make a sound that is truly exciting from start to finish, yet these rhythms are coming from a disco beat and sharp riffs rather than the much harsher expressions of their past sound.

The synths give the sound a vibrant feel as well as a slightly Art Pop intrigue while the newly added female vocals offer a tonal balance which works really nicely and brings a communal sound to their music as you can hear multiple vocal lines at once.

The lyrics remain down to earth, with lines like “It’s only fucking midnight, we’re all out of Red Stripe” brining a relatable edge to the otherwise, abstract sonic setting. 

The finale brings things to a close with a sound that you just can’t help but want to move to! All elements come together in perfect fusion; tight guitar riffs, bubbling keys, whirring synths, funky drums and a fractured vocal notes and a punchy lead guitar line that drives home a frantic ending that leaves you wanting more! 

This is our favourite of their new singles and has made us even more excited for their debut record to arrive!


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