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Groovy Indie songwriter, Wise John, returns with soulful new single 'Mr Love'

New York based songwriter Wise John has all the attirbutes needed to make up the next Indie starlet; smooth, emotive vocals, a fun infectious instrumental style and the ability to delve into a range of atmospheres, from meloncholic passion to carefree, swinging optimisim. However, there is another layer of depth to him as an artist that is what set him apart from a lot of his peers. His music has more soulful authenticity than most and makes it so appealing. His debut album 'A Wonderful Road' denonstrated this soul and range in just the first two tracks as it goes from the emotional piano-based opener 'Won't Somebody Let This Caged Bird Fly?' to the anthemic indie chorus of 'Leaving LA' that is baced by a huge aray of horns to create an uplifting feel.

Now, Wise John has returned with his brand new single 'Mr Love' and it sees him radiating perhaps more soul than ever! As the name might suggest, it is quite a romantic track that is driven by a silky, funk-infused groove that is reminiscent of Hall & Oates' 'Alone Too Long'. There's a nostalgic twist to this new track both in structure and vocal style. It is full of warmth and a richness that comes with the bright brass accompaniment and soaring backing vocal harmonies. As always, there are moments of calmer sentimentality that provide a lovely contrast and serve to emphasise the euphoria of the biggest moments. Such an easy track to get you falling in love with the rest of his discography!


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