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Gritty Indie songwriter Izzy Pingrey releases new single 'Flatline'!

New York brightest new songwriter is Izzy Pingrey who has burst onto the scene in 2023 with a run of three striking singles. 'Sick Of It' initially made a bold impact with its sassy 00s pop attitude. Then 'Narcissus' brought a more sentimental and introspective string to her bow. Now, her new single 'Flatline' has showcased a grittier side to her songwriting, offering a 90s Rock sound that radiates with both romance and angst in equal measure.

Her vocals are instantly striking as they skip from tone to note with a melodic elegance that is hard to come by. The result of this is that the catchy melodic lines that get stuck in your head are not merely resigned to the chorus, each and every line has some kind of vocal flourish that excites your sonic senses. Tonally, the track has a slightly moody feel early on as Izzy delivers deep vocals and a gritty chorus delivery that matches the gravely guitar tone. However, when she reaches the higher notes she brings a more gentle brightness to the song that hints at the song's storyline, as if she finally lets go of her reservations at the end of the chorus.

'Flatline' is a track that is truly earworming vocal lines and perfectly balances Indie Rock swagger and melodic Pop sentiments. This is one to belt out in front of the bedroom mirror.

In her own words, Izzy describes the track as "a song that I wrote about finally letting your guard down for someone. In the past, I’ve been really nervous about my love life, so although I’m an extrovert, I would refuse to tell people if I had feelings for them and would just run if anyone told me they liked me. But there was someone that I just liked so much and connected with on such a deep level that I had to kind of 'give out' and allow myself to get into a relationship. 'flatline' is a rock song that utilizes death as an analogy for setting free anxieties or reservations about a person and finally letting them in and letting yourself fall in love - because now, the part of me that was so scared of romance for so long is dead".


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