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Girl Afraid - The Ballad of Mrs Raine

One of the key elements we look for in a new band is passion. We want to feel their energy pulsating through the speakers and get a sense of their collective personality in each track. This is exactly what we felt when the Post-Punk six-piece Girl Afraid arrived with two angst filled singles. ‘Dutch Courage’ and ‘Sugar’, both released earlier this year, give off a simple but satisfying mission statement, to deliver their raw punk sound at a full throttle speed. However, their latest release ‘The Ballad of Mrs Raine’ has revealed that there is more to the band than first thought.

The new single carries a more layered, haunting quality. It initially holds a slower pace but still packs all the force of the previous singles with the swelling atmosphere created in the chorus. With all elements thrown into the mix ‘The Ballad of Mrs Raine’ is a melancholic whirlwind that you can just picture filling the underground venues across the UK once they re-open. The track then takes a breath of air before launching into an electrifying guitar solo that brings up all then energy of the track for one last moment of passion.

Take a listen to the single on our spotify playlist


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