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Get lost in the tranquil Indie Folk soundscape of City Dress and her new single 'Empires Of Honey'!

City Dress is the Indie-Folk project of Christina Skramstad, a Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter. Her latest single 'Empires Of Honey' is truly captivating both thanks to the lyrical weavings and poetic sentiments as well as the cinematic instrumentals that you can become absorbed by.

'Empires Of Honey' opens with a delightfully tranquil Indie groove filled with a gentle drum shuffle and dreamy, tangled guitar lines to set a warm, serene atmosphere. It is fitting that the first word uttered by Christina is "soft" as she begins to deliver her unique, lyrical metaphors of bees making empires of honey. Her voice is super smooth yet commanding and drifts from line to line with a beautiful caress. The verses are intimate and spellbinding while the chorus comes to life with a huge cinematic string section that evokes sounds of Lana Del Rey. This is a wonderful single that you can find yourself getting lost in.

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