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GAYLE lays out her hit-filled setlist on new EP!

After the success of Tik-Tok anthem 'abcdefu', teenage songwriter GAYLE has proved she is anything but a one hit wonder with a string of subsequent singles that are just as infectious and filled with angsty, rebellious melodies. Her new EP 'hi this is my setlist right now' is well...just that. It showcases her biggest tracks to date in a 20 minute burst that shows everything there is to love about her music.

GAYLE - Don't Call Me Pretty
GAYLE - EP Review

It particularly highlights her more grungy, Rock-fuelled side with tracks like the opener 'everybody hates me' leading with growling guitar lines, scrappy Punk drumming and vocals that are drenched in a angst-ridden swagger. However, these tracks still leave room for her trademark chorus that are built to dance along to with complete and utter freedom. 'everybody hates me' is possibly the best example of GAYLE as an artist as you get the best of both worlds; gritty sentiments and infectious sing-alongs in equal measure. 'sleeping with my friends' showcases her songwriting maturity with its clever lyrical notion of separating "sexual attraction from my loneliness" and astute sonic layering of background vocal harmonies and the blend of bright acoustics and punchy drums.

'don't call me pretty' is a definite standout of the 7-track collection. It bursts in with a stomping energy before opening into a more stripped-back groove that allows GAYLE's vocals to really shine and play off the backing vocals with an intertwined finesse. Then, the chorus is truly explosive, channeling all the teenage emotion and sonic passion into an anthemic expression of empowering self-affamation that is both poignant and euphoric. This track will undoubtedly become another of GAYLE's ever-growing catalogue that will be chanted back by thousands of adoring fans as it is so relatable and so powerful!

The EP then closes with the fan-favourite 'abcdefu' an apt close that shows where her fame rose from. However, the track actually sounds even more well-rounded and important when heard in the context of her whole set. By the end of the EP you can relate to the lyrics and feel the emotive passion of her voice in 'abcdefu' a whole lot more than when hearing it on a 10 second TikTok clip. If this is truly GAYLE's setlist for her shows to come then she is a MUST SEE live!


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