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Fuller - Crush Me

After jumping onto the Pop-Rock scene earlier this year with their debut single ‘Favourite Poison’, LA’s Fuller has a brand new offering for you to sample.

Fuller is the creative project of alternative artist J.P. Welsh and blends the clean pop styles of America with the bittersweet Indie sounds you would associate with the likes of Spector and The Vaccines. The new single ‘Crush Me’ is a fun dance along Indie-pop track led by catchy backing melodies and driving drum patterns that build a rolling energy throughout.

"Crush Me is a song about running head first into life. It's about knowing that I might fail, but not fearing failure, because never trying would be the biggest failure of all. Whoa.. what am I, a motivational speaker?! Live your life. Have fun. Don't take yourself to seriously, ya know?" - Fuller

The chorus is simple yet infectious. Again, the backing vocals create an irresistible melody that you can’t help but join in with. ‘Crush Me’ is the perfect track for the Indie traveller who has had enough of being indoors the past few months. Once things return to normal, head out on the road and plug in your next road trip soundtrack with this new single.


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