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Folk-Rock duo Ida Mae release new singles 'My Whispers Are Wildfire' and 'Lost On Your Time'!

Inspired by retro Rock sounds ranging from British-Folk to American greats from Willie Nelson to Greta Van Fleet, US duo Turpin and Jean make up Ida Mae. They have become renowned for their vintage atmospherics, eclectic instrumentation and pure Rock swagger, three elements that are in abundance on their recent single 'My Whispers Are Wildfire'.

Having crisscrossing the US from coast to coast, the pair now reside in Nashville and their new single sees them return to their confident Rock and Roll strut in style! The popping electronic roll, deep bass groove and bright cowbell rhythm initially creates a very vibrant and flavoursome swing to the track. The lead drums then crash in with an almost Jazz-infused rhythm with a constant shuffle of ghost notes occasionally accented with big rolls and tom hits. This style radiates a sultry, unconstrained energy. This freedom allows the lead guitar to riff on top with its delicious Rock tone and the vocals to provide a sweet caress, drifting from line to line in a smooth fashion full of swagger.

An infectiously confident atmosphere that sheds a light on their technical abilities and love for vintage aesthetics!

However, they have followed this up with a more intimate and stripped-back release 'Lost On your Time' which sheds more light on their vocal brilliance. The soft Folk shuffle maintains a constant swing to the track while other instrumentals just softly flavour the sound with the occasional deep piano role, warm string rise or gentle acoustic line. These wholesome, natural tones allow the pair's vocal styles to fully shine through. These vocals are understated to begin with, offering a warm Folk charm yet they come to life with moments of flair as they rise high and deliver a passionate harmony that is almost heartbreaking.

The finale is impassioned too as the piano charges to the forefront of the mix briefly before making way for a beautifully romantic swell of strings, a more gentle and sentimental piano line and some final soothing harmonies to see the song out.


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