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Fiona Lennon - A Little Longer

Although our North West month is over we thought we'd prolong the trend ever slightly for Liverpool's newest singer-songwriter Fionna Lennon. Drawing on inspirations from from classic artists such as Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles, her acoustic, vocal led style carries a retro charm with Folk-Rock undertones comparable to Jade Bird.

Her debut single 'A Little Longer' arrived last month and has already raised the eyebrows of the local scene and it is clear to see why. The new release is a captivating debut that is packed full of rich vocals and scouse charm. The slight Country edge sets the single apart from the city's host of talented female Indie soloists and gives the track an instant warming quality. Yet, it is her voice that dominates the interest in this track. Her vocals constantly dance between soft, haunting lines and bursts of energy that are both dreamy and powerful, bringing a slight touch of ferocity to an otherwise blissful tune. This is only the start for Fiona so be sure to keep an eye out for what she has in store.


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