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Filous & The Kooks - Hey Love

Austrian producer Filous is perhaps best known for his remixes of worldwide names such as Alina Baraz, DJ Khaled and Selena Gomez. However these remixes can be a bit misleading of what you should expect from his musical style. Although he often enjoys putting his own twist on commercial pop tracks, his own tracks sway more on the Indie-folk electronica side of things. He mixes smooth summer dance beats with coastal and mountainous sounds, blending natural acoustics with his electronic base and, more often than not, a fitting guest vocal.

One of our favourite collaborations he has initiated came this year when he teamed up with The Kooks to produce a feel-good Summer single, ‘Hey Love’. The track begins with quite a stripped back sound with the pretty simplistic beats carried by the uplifting melody of Luke Pritchard. However, each time the chorus hits the atmosphere is elevated. By the time the final build up arrives you can preempt the euphoric sound that is about to hit. The thick acoustics combined with the heartwarming vocals and soaring string backing create the perfect song to pick you up when you’re getting sick of the lockdown blues.


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