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Eyesore & The Jinx tease debut album with new single 'No More Nails'!

Liverpool-based Post Punk outfit Eyesore & The Jinx have become a favourite around the city thanks to their vibrant, angular rhythms and astute social satire. Their sound is instantly recognisable with its thick Art-Punk grooves and unique vocal style and not often does it feel like so much is going on with so few instruments at play! The trio are gearing up for their debut album 'Jitterbug' (Out this November) and have just released their first single from the upcoming record titled 'No More Nails'.

Musically, this single is as flavoursome and as attack-minded as ever as the thick, stomping groove is seasoned with fast-paced flourishes of scratchy guitar and backed by a high-energy, driving drum beat to kick their new album off with a lovely intensity. The guitar is piercing, creating searing tone that demands you stand up straight and take notice!

Their audible swagger is present as ever and the vocals are perhaps as direct and commanding as they've ever been. Vocalist Josh Miller almost sings the lines, containing harsh subject matter such as the cost of living crisis, with a playful detachment, a satirical delivery which serves to highlight the idiocy of those with the power to enact change who refuse to pay these issues adequate attention.

Punk attitudes and artistic flair once again from Eyesore & The Jinx and a perfect teaser for their upcoming album which is available to pre-order now.

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