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Euro Sounds Volume 1 - Drife, New Candys & Fyn Robin


We can't claim to be very up to date on the local scene in Luxembourg, so when we were sent this infectious Indie stomper from Drife we were more than shocked when we read where the multicultural six-piece are from. Despite the rarity of their location, their music is just as accessible as any band from the UK with their latest single offering an almost Mancunian tone to it that wouldn't seem out of place alongside the city's local scene of today.

The new track 'Hit The Ground' honors its title, jumping straight in with a rolling drum line and energy building riff that seems festival ready. The vocals begin relaxed, adding to the upbeat summer glow, yet they really come into their own for a big jumping chorus that, again, seems designed for those sunny festival stages that we have all been craving so much.


New Candys

With three records under their belt, Italian Rockers New Candys have been building slowly over the last decade and homing their darkly hypnotic sound. They are a band that, as they say themselves, are perpetually influenced and interwoven with their surroundings. They talk of how their Venetian origins have a direct impact on their project, with the enchanting style and culture of the city making its way not only into their artistic and visual style but also into their music.

They have just released a stream of three singles, gearing up for their fourth album 'VYVYD' which is coming on June 4th. The most recent of which 'Zyko' is instantly distinctive. Big anthemic stabs and a confident Rock vocal delivery are then swamped by the soaring Psych Rock guitars that engulf the track and present and electrifying statement for what they have to come. When placed next to the dark haunting build of 'Begin Again' and the thumping energy of 'Twin Mime', this looks set to be their most impressive record yet.


Fyn Robin

As New Candys establish themselves fully with their third album, Berlin based singer songwriter Fyn Robin is at the other end of the spectrum without even a single to his name and has still managed to attract attention from across the continent. With his quirky outsider personality and powerful live performances across Germany, led by his coarse vocal force, he has showcased his potential. As with many now, it has been his clever use of social media that has managed to show his wide appeal without releasing any music! His stories are peppered with acoustic renditions and appreciation posts for his musical idols which, if you have heard him play, don't come as much of a surprise. He takes musical and personal inspiration from English classics such as The Who, Oasis, Jarvis Cocker and Mick Jagger.

Yet after hearing the track that is set to be his first release, he pays the most resemblance to The Libertines and Pete Doherty. 'Tell Me If You Like To' is set to be Fyn's debut single and is arriving on May 28th. The track has a gritty swing and bittersweet charm to it that is reminiscent of 'Gunga Din'. Despite being a solo artist with fantastic vocals he does not fall into the trap of becoming too reliant on his voice. The sound is thick with a really uplifting Rock swagger to it that just continues to grow on you the longer you let the chanting chorus hook to wash over you. Make sure you jump on this track right away and pre-save it on Spotify now.


Listen to all our favourite European artists in one place on our Spotify playlist and keep an eye out for volume 2 coming soon...


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