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Euro Sounds Volume 2 - Desert May Bloom, Deaf Radio, NEEVE

Desert May Bloom

The winding story that led to the creation of Austrian Indie-Pop quintet Desert May Bloom is just as vibrant and intriguing as their music would suggest. The original two members met travelling in South America and then became friends over their shared love for music and travelling. This sense of freedom, variety and exploration translates into an extremely feel-good sound that has all the flavour of the nations in South America, Morroco and Europe where the full line up was forged.

Their latest single 'Prince Cloud' begins as a rich textured beat with the kind of instrumentation you would want while watching the sunset over the mountain skyline on your next hiking adventure. The chorus builds on this with an uplifting harmonised vocal performance before exiting in due time to leave the magical instrumental layering to wash over you in the final minute, as the sun sinks over the horizon. As Summer hits, these guys have the perfect soundtrack to getting out on adventures with friends, wherever they may take you.


Deaf Radio

Now we move across to Greece with the more established act of Deaf Radio. With two albums under their belt they have fully showcased what they can deliver, a no-nonsense, full throttle brand of Alt-Rock. Their previous record 'Modern Panic' was packed with energy and laced with an ever present Grungy undertone.

Now, as they gear up for their third album, their new single 'Model Society' takes on a more anthemic, Electro sound with vocals akin to Brandon Flowers. The synths set a dark industrial landscape for the spoken, preacher-like vocals to complete the eary atmosphere. Yet, this is not a song just for the shadows. It explodes into an electrifying chorus with power surging from guitars, percussion and vocals alike with the Electro element just elevating this force one step higher and setting up something really special for what may be to come for the band. This new direction certainly is the boldest and most stadium filling sound they have ever produced.



Finally we land in Germany for the fresh and exciting sound of newcomers NEEVE. As soon as you think of underground German music your mind strays towards the heavier, Rock side of things that the nation's crowds are renowned for adoring. However, this emerging four-piece have sliced through the German scene with their dance worthy Indie-Pop beats.

After a succession of fun singles over the last three years they have dived into their debut EP and it is certainly their most mature work to date. The title track and opener 'BLACK AND BLUE' is instrumentally euphoric, yet pauses at points to allow the emotion and sentiment of the track flow through the warming piano chords and heartfelt vocals. Yet, when all elements come together the sound is thick with uplifting energy. This remains the case as the EP proceeds. The sound gets progressively more pop orientated as you sink deeper into the EP, landing on the extremely 1975 reminiscent 'FALLING FOR YOU'.

Whether the band would like that comparison or not, you can't ignore how the electronic textures and funky Disco esc guitar play bare resemblance to The 1975. However, it has to be said, if it were a 1975 song, it would be a great one! With a really strong vocal performance and range making the whole track interesting from start to finish. The EP closes with an extremely commercial swagger filled track 'BYE BYE' that almost has the angst of early 00s popstars mixed with a really intriguing electronic blend that grounds the track and makes it distinctively NEEVE.




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