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Estrons frontman releases debut album with new solo project Heddlu

One of our favourite new discoveries of 2022 has to be the electronically powered, full throttle project Heddlu who blend high-energy rhythms with a synth-led drama that creates a punchy and immersive sound. Heddlu is the new project from Estrons frontman Rhodri Daniel. Following on from the attention-grabbing single 'Auto-Da-Fé' he released his debut album 'Cantref' last month.

As well as switching between titles in Welsh an English, the album flicks between some more abstract electronic soundscapes on the album's opener 'Descensionist' and album interlude 'Benthic' as well as some more direct Electro Indie stompers. 'Cantref Gwaelod' is packed full of soaring synth lines that transport you into a cosmic realm while the single 'Locker' is a thumping Rock anthem infused with the album's warped electronic sound to produced a Kasabian esc sound. Just the thought of some of these tracks being played in a sweaty club will get you mosh pit lovers tingling with anticipation.


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