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EP REVIEW: Tara Kannangara - Extraordinary People

The atmospheric Alternative tones of Canadian songwriter Tara Kannangara’s new EP ‘Extraordinary People’ is filled with such a contemplative, modern awe and emotive drama that is could be used as the soundtrack to your next favourite Indie film.

Photo Credit: Brittany Farhat

Opening track ‘Apartment’ showcases both sides of her sound, opening with a thoughtful Indietronica intro. The warm pulse blends perfectly with her soothing vocals and wholesome lyricism while the guitars flavour the sound with occasional, introspective textures reminiscent of the Nightcrawler soundtrack. It has a warming romance and calming energy, yet, the chorus bursts into an expressive Alt Rock explosion filled with soaring Rock guitar lines, vocal angst and a crashing drum sound. This seamless switch between insular, night-driving atmospherics and a hard-hitting nostalgic Alternative sound is symptomatic of her fantastic versatility. This track is a true modern anthem with so much instrumental and emotive depth.

The subsequent two tracks dive deeper into these two separate sands. ‘Frank’ explores the electronic atmosphere and playful, romantic personality with a really fun groove and some quirky, Courtney Barnett esc lyricism. ‘Name Song’ on the hand, brings out Tara’s angsty side in full force. A swirling electro Rock rhythm made up of a punchy drum beat and popping electro notes drives a bassey rhythm while Tara delivers the questioning lyrics with power and purpose while still saving by moments for vocal delicacy. It has the complex technicality and vocal range of Wolf Alice with the swagger of Wet Leg.

‘Lisa Turtle’ has some wonderfully piercing vocal lines that showcase Tara’s talents and has moments of gritty lyrical deliveries and thick Rock guitar & bass lines once again. Finally, the title track ‘Extraordinary People’ begins as a much more insular, melancholic song with just Tara’s poignant vocals and a scratchy electric guitar like the more contemplative Blondshell tracks. Yet, it grows and grows before ending with a wonderfully heavy drum performance and a guitar solo that has soul and spirit in abundance.

This is a fantastically varied EP filled with so much emotion, tonal texture and depth of arrangement! A great intro to Tara as an artist.  


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