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EP REVIEW: About You - Farewell To Ghosts

‘Farewell To Ghosts’, the new 4-track EP from About You, is supercharged, welcoming you into dense Indie soundscapes that have the drama and scale worthy of the interstellar landscapes. 

The title track is an anthemic Indie Pop as the vocals soar with a raw emotion, matching the power, drama and melodic finesse of the instrumentals. A huge energy comparable to Imagine Dragons meets a more silky vocal style that layers a Benson Boone like lead over velvety harmonies.

‘God Don’t Let Me Lose My Mind’ explores a more electronic sound opening with an atmospheric hum that shakes you awake. Having said this, the vocal have a more delicate feel and, as the song goes on, some cinematic strings and natural acoustic stunts bring a more humble, romantic feel to the song. This is the emotive highlight of the EP.

You can find more soaring anthemia and catchy melodies in the rolling energy of ‘Benji', a track perfect for feel-good summer road trips. ‘Jessi’ then closes the EP with another exploration of atmospherics. The swirling electro tones and guitar line at the beginning of the track create an abstract, eery drama filled with rock swagger before the vocals arrive delicately. The final minute or so offers the most interesting and exciting instrumental conditions on the EP as it descends into an almost Linkin Park esc soundscape with crunchy electronics, sharp guitars and menacing, vocal melancholia.

There’s some wonderfully intriguing instrumental production on this EP full of drama and sonic texture as well as straight forward soaring Indie anthems.


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