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English Teacher return with new single 'Nearly Daffodils'!

Leeds based band English Teacher are never afraid to get bleak. Perhaps a reflection of the time they formed, on the precipice of the COVID-19 pandemic, Lily Fontaine’s lyrics have remained consistently witty, sardonic and, most importantly, down to earth.

Photo Credit: Tatiana Pozuelo

Their latest effort 'Nearly Daffodils' is a reflective and simmering track, propelled by an undercurrent of unfulfilled potential that is both specific and universal. Not too dissimilar thematically from a track like Radiohead’s 'Nude', the vulnerability and honesty displayed throughout wonderfully translates a personal state of mind.

Lily Fontaine’s subtle and subdued delivery throughout the track perfectly reflects the type of numb feeling the band are so evocatively attempting, and succeeding, to communicate.

“Sometimes it tears like a freight train”, the opening lyric on the second verse, is a beautifully sincere and blunt way to describe a feeling of epiphany and reality. The skittering drums with bursts of snare fills, alongside the propelling bass, provide a palette of kinetic energy that is patient enough to finally burst by the track’s end, in a moment of pure catharsis and euphoria.

This is the type of track that really sets apart a band, and one that should generate enormous excitement for their upcoming future efforts!


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