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Emma Bradley will cure your post-summer blues with new single 'Renew Me'

After making a name for herself last year with her blissful single 'Perfumed By You' which was followed up by her debut EP with the same name, Emma Bradley has made her highly anticpiated returned in 2022. The deep richness of her vocal tones will grab your attention from the first notes on her latest single 'Renew'. You could easily become enthralled by her voice and lyrics alone on this track. However, a subtle yet gritty Indie Rock backing adds a nice bite to really emphasise the emotion of her words.

The chorus is mesmerisingly beautiful in its subtle melody. It doesn't try too hard to make an impact by ramping up the production to the max. It is confident in the quality of its melody and delivers it with a hazy sway perfect for a sunny roadtrip. It is built off a fantastic vocal back and forth between Emma and a chorus of backing vocals that have a crisp bite to them and thus create a blend of smooth harmony and growing energy. The perfect antidote to post-Summer blues.


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