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Embrace a vintage 60s aesthetic with Love City and their new single 'Regretting'!

If you want a slice of 60s Psych-infused Garage Rock ecstasy then get stuck into the new single from Philadelphia's Love City. The new track, 'Regretting' instantly transports you back in time, not only thanks to the intentionally distant recording style that gives the vocals and drums this eery echo, but also because of the distinctively vintage guitar chords that ring around in the early stages.

They combine the rawness of The Gories with a smoother organ melody that rings of The Zombies. It is this organ that really gives the track it's catchy edge, providing a haunting, Halloween-appropriate melody that will stick in your head for days.

There are moments of angsty instrumental fury where their Rock tendencies really come out to play yet their are also big, catchy vocal calls of the title line "I'm Regretting" which beg to be sang back.

This is an infectious retro revisit that will make you fall in love with Psych-Rock all over again.

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