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Dom Malin releases poignant Indie hit 'Surface'!

Having supported the likes of Paris Paloma and Dermot Kennedy, Birmingham's Indie Rock songwriter Dom Malin is no stranger to mixing with the heavyweights yet many have yet to discover the poignant depths of emotive Indie style.

What instantly strikes you after listening to his latest single 'Surface' is the range of textures and emotions that he packs into the three minutes. The first verse is incredibly reserved and intimate, leaning into a vocal led introspection that draws you into the soft tones of Dom's voice.

The pre-chorus has a slick melodic flow and poignancy that is reminiscent of Van McCan's most heartfelt cuts. The chorus then has a really full sound yet remains supremely smooth. Glorious guitar lines interweave, floating across the soundscape, leaving no empty space and making a really powerful background that elevates the impact of Dom's melodies.

The later stages some more piercing guitar tones and the occasional raspy note as Dom's passion soars. These moments add that final layer of heart and intensity that finishes this wonderfully epic Indie hit.


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