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DMA'S - The Glow

Words from @conni_m on instagram

When Liam Gallagher calls your music ‘biblical’ and then proceeds to take your band on tour with him, you just might be doing something right. Although the indie rock three-piece has been praised by critics since their 2016 debut album ‘Hills End’, earning comparisons to the likes of Oasis or The Stone Roses, Aussie band DMA’S do not rest on their laurels and find their very own sound on their third record ‘THE GLOW’, out July 10th.

While listening to the first two energetic singles ‘Silver’ and title track ‘The Glow’, the fast drum rhythm and distorted guitar riffs make you want to jump around in your bedroom and sing-along immediately. My anticipation for the album was accordingly high, even though such expectations can sometimes let you down. What if the songs seem repetitive after a while, or maybe lazily written?

In this case, I was surprised in the best way possible.

Already on the first track ‘Never Before’, DMA’S pull you into an incredibly dynamic experience of heavy guitar strumming and spacey synthesizer sounds, a nice contrast to the opening lyrics: ‘Oh, never before, back on earth, we’re still dreaming.’ This combination of the band’s classic rock sound with well-crafted electronic elements continues during the course of the album, up to the last techno-induced track 'Cobracaine' and distinctly sets ‘The Glow’ apart from their first two albums.

Despite these changes in sound, listeners who have been DMA'S fans since the beginning do not have to fear a complete change of style. Whether you like powerful, fast-driven choruses with catchy lyrics that hit you with massive 90s rock nostalgia, or calm acoustic interventions, the new album packs it all. Their latest single 'Criminals' is a good example of how they manage to connect this melodic back and forth between old and new sounds in a way that still fits the story lead singer Tommy O'Dell is telling with his lyrics. A story of all the struggles, the confusion and sometimes frustration ('Round and Around') that come with being in love, while also having moments of reconciliation and matureness, for example during 'Learning Alive'.

In an interview, Tommy explained his view on the new album like this: "For me it's a snapshot of where we were and where we're at now." These different stages in life, and therefore conflicted emotions are reflected through sometimes euphoric and upbeat tracks, while at other times through a dark, moody and even restless nature to their songs.

However, a secret highlight for me has to be 'Appointment', as the song is able to shine a light on the talent of every member in the band. Whether it is Matthew Mason's skills as lead guitarist, the gentle acoustic guitar of Johnny Took or the layered harmonies, lead by Tommy O'Dell's powerful, but at the same time sensitive voice, the anthemic rock ballad ultimately builds up to be a stadium-worthy experience, also featuring a striking bass-line right after the second chorus.

In any case, DMA'S 'The Glow' is made to be played live in concert, which is why the band already announced a few intimate shows in Sydney's Factory Theatre from July 30th to August 1st, although for now, most of us have to make due with singing along to it within the safe shelter of our home and a little imagination.



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