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Dive into the abstract electro- psychedelia of Graffiti Welfare's debut album 'Revolving Shores'!

Graffiti Welfare is a Denver-based alt psych-pop artist whose music captures the essence and anxiety of the 21st century, conveyed through an introspective, experimental lens. His debut album 'Revolving Shores' is an immersive journey that combines spaced-out instrumental sections, occasional vocal lines that drift throughout the album and layers upon layers of electronic textures.

The album opens with a lucid soundscape. Piano notes tumble down gently while a warm electronic hum slowly builds. This sets the abstract tone of the album well before the off-kilter drum rhythm snaps in after the 2 minute mark. Soon after, distant vocal lines that sound sampled join in the fun, not taking over by any means but rather, punctuating the soundscape with lyrics, quite appropriately, about states of consciousness. These vocals and perpetuating electronic rhythms are reminiscent of Public Service Broadcasting and add another layer of depth to the already densely layered concoction.

Subsequent tracks 'Just Follow' and 'DejaBlue' employ a similar technique of vocals that linger in the midst of swirling electronic sounds. At times, it is comparable to the spaced out Tame Impala tunes, engulfing you in a hypnotising state of sonic tranquillity.

However, the album gains more and more momentum as it progresses. The vocal lines become more prominent while the beats become more dance-inducing. By the time you hit 'Volume' you have entered a completely different world. Funky bass lines and a simmering beat build a tension that dances between diving into a club drop or sinking back into the dreamy soundscape. This constant tease of exploding into life captivates your attention throughout and completely immerses you in the abstract world of 'Revolving Shores'. This is a highlight of the album that showcases all that Graffiti Welfare is possible of!

Later sections of the album like 'Missing The War' divert off in strange directions. Sometimes it feels like an alien abduction and at other times a blissful daydream. There's just so much to digest on this record so dive in and get submersed in the world of Electronic-psychadelia.

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