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Discover the vibrant Indie Pop of Paradise Circus

The slick, upbeat Indie Pop of Birmingham-based Paradise Circus has been catching the ears of many of late with BBC Introducing, NME and more showing their support! The quintet have been developing their vibrant twist on 2000s indie for a few years now but their new single ‘Sanguinem’ feels like a standout moment in their trajectory.

The track confidently avoids entering the ‘landfill Indie’ by offering a refreshing complexity of arrangement and poignant tonal quality. The opening guitar has an instantly emotive impact with its soaring, bittersweet melody. The vocals then swoop in with a soft and sweeping style that bands like JAWS have championed. These vocals offer a tender lyrical delivery before the song bursts into its instrumental, dance worthy moment populated by that early guitar line. The vocal chorus immediately demands to be sung back with passion while the synth backing elevates the impact of each line.

The instrumental performance that arrives just before the 3 minute mark is perhaps the most impressive point in the track and the moment that really sets the band apart from the majority of their peers. After a stripped back vocal harmony, the drums emerge with a whirlwind of fast-paced, intricate rhythm that leans into Jazz patterns and adds a whole new element of sonic interest. Glimpses of this percussive flair remain as the track enters its final chorus, making for an impactful ending full of energy.

Speaking on the new single, the band said: “The record is about someone who is going into conflict and reflecting on the struggle someone has, originally written in the first person of a boy being forced to fight in war.

Expect loads more of Paradise Circus in the rest of 2023!


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