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Discover the relatable lo-fi Indie of Asha Jefferies!

One of our favourite new Aussie songwriters is Brisbane-based Asha Jefferies. Her latest single 'Keep My Shit Together' has a beautiful bittersweet tone, blending relatable, down to earth lyrics worth understated melodies perfect for a lazy contemplative Sunday.

Her lo-fi brand of Indie has a fuzzy, wholesome quality to it, caressing your ears with a cosy warmth. Yet, the lyrical sentiments are far from that; lines such as "There's nothing sexy about feeling alone" and "the holiday season feels like limbo" delve into her deepest self-critique. This emotionally exposed lyrical writing has a touching quality that a lot of listeners will relate to. However, the sounds of the track are so soothing that these worries briefly fade away while you become comforted in the fact that someone else feels the same way as you.

The chorus is hypnotic with Asha's gentle, swooping melodies accompanied by a sparkling synth line and dreamy guitar swing. A beautifully lucid Indie offering filled with audible comfort and lyrical vulnerability.


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