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Discover the nostalgic Indie Rock trio Sheepfighter

Newly-formed, LA-based Indie Rock trio Sheepfighter have already struck a chord with local fans thanks to their nostalgic sounds fit for a coming-of-age movie. Their debut two singles 'In The Blue' and 'Paycheck' combine slick, summery melodies with fantastically poignant guitar tones to create this poignant coming-of-age tone.

'In The Blue' offers a gentle warmth, with layered guitar lines and smooth vocals combing for a late night, blissful Indie romp. It is romantic and contemplative, yet the choice addition of a gritty, distorted guitar in the backdrop injects an intriguing overarching hint of something more dangerous and gloomy. It is a clever textural piece that demonstrates their obvious talent.

However, it is 'Paycheck' that has really grabbed our attention. The fuzzy guitar tone leads the line, infusing the track's uplifting Indie melody with an added intensity that lifts the entire atmosphere. The vocals transport you from start to finish into a feel-good snapshot of Indie nostalgia and radiate a really blissful, uptempo energy that is hard not to enjoy.


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