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Discover the new solo project of Indie songwriter Christian Turner!

Canadian songwriter Christian Turner has been a mainstay of the Canadian indie scene for years now, both as part of previous bands such as Teenage Kicks and now, in the form of his solo career. This year he has released his debut 2 singles into the world which have set the tone for what his new project will become.

The first of which, ‘Nobody But You’ is a slow-paced yet dense textured anthemic stomper that pairs a gritty rock riff with Christian’s passionate, soulful indie vocal style to create a soaring sound built for a lighters in the air moment. It was the perfect first single to offer fans a taste of the live set.

Yet, his newest release ‘Barely Listening’ has caught our attention even more. The faster pace emits a bigger energy that instantly hooks you in throughout the verse as it builds tension leading towards a memorable chorus built off a vocal hook that will stick with you long after the song is done! The tone is nostalgic, offering a coming-of-age atmosphere with the lyrics “we can chill at my backyard, we can hang out on the weekend and pretend we’re still friends”.

From these two singles it his Christian’s vocals that really standout. It flickers between a more muted, coastal style sound that is smooth and melodic and a more passionate style that sees his voice suddenly soar for the big moments and elevate the intensity and emotive impact of the tracks. Keep an eye out for more to come in 2023!


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