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Discover the new project from Nine Inch Nails drummer Ilan Rubin

Best known as the drummer for Nine Inch Nails, Ilan Rubin has the presence and sound of a whole band despite turning his new solo project on this latest single 'Don't Panic!'.

The track diverts from the intense industrial energy of Nine Inch Nails entirely and is an Indie Rock banger that blends snappy, unphased lyrics with a beat reminiscent of other rock anthems. The swinging pendulum rhythm, a leaf out of the Rock anthem guidebook, lends itself to live performance; head banging, hands in the air type stuff. Ilan has combined his Rock influences with a Pop sensibility that makes it infectiously catchy and way too tempting not to shout along. You can hear the live performance throughout the single as he chants "Don’t panic" over the drums and guitar.

The lyrics are relatable, talking about feeling trapped or in a moment of uncertainty, but adding a Rock apathy to them in the snappy "Don’t Panic!" line that his audience will undoubtedly repeat back. Ilan has the falsetto of successful lead singers such as The Blossoms’ Darlene Wright or The Magic Gang’s Jack Kaye and the musical range to match. His knowledge of drums and guitar is evident throughout the track; knowing how to rally a live audience as well as virtual listeners. It’s an anthem that screams of the pure Rock attitude of ‘f*** it’.


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