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Discover the moody Grunge energy of Porcelain Doll!

Formed over the lockdown lull, Grunge Rock quartet Porcelain Doll arrived last year in a gloomy haze with their debut release 'Smoke'. The track was a strong announcement to the national scene; led by the cool resonant vocals of front woman Freja and a dark and tempting Grunge guitar line that entices you into the smoky atmosphere with a luring sonic seduction. Since then they have been gathering momentum thanks to a selection of local live shows and a string of gritty singles.

The latest of which is their timely single 'Vampires' that arrives just in time to add to your beautifully dark, Alternative halloween playlist. Throughout, the song has a haunting quality as their are many moments where the instrumentals remain quite stripped back with just a bass drum and swirling guitar chords providing a gloomy, tension-filled atmosphere. The song utilises smooth yet sinister and powerful vocal performance, reminiscent of The Mysterines and Queen Cult, to produce dark, commanding melodies.

The bigger moments have an anthemic Rock swing to them perfect for a head banging mosh pit in a packed out basement venue and the melancholic twist at the end of every line gives off this seductively eery energy as if the band are bathing in this romanticised idea of death. For those who like to tangle with the dark side of their minds, this ones for you!


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