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Discover the infectious intensity of Miami Rock outfit Mold!

Born in Peru but operating out of Miami, friends Carlo Barbacci and Bronto Montano teamed up with newfound drummer Frankie Lujan to form Mold!, an in-your-face outburst of Rock-fuelled sonic expression. After a brief break following their 2021 album 'No Silence!' they have retuned in 2023 with two fantastic new singles.

The first of which 'Don't Wake Me Up!' is a frantic comeback that is bursting full of energy and is evidence that the trio are fully recharged and ready to go full-throttle once again. Initially, the rolling drum rhythm and upbeat Skate guitar lines create a coastal feel, yet it is the chorus that really explodes into life! The drums are shattering, with cymbal crashes landing all around you and a thick snare hit providing a consistent metronome within the madness. The guitar and bass lines are anthemic too, with a dense tone that provides a whole lot of power behind the track!

Their latest release, '20MG' is even more high-octane. It bursts out of the traps from the very first second with a tension building guitar tone full of drama and a pounding, primal drum beat. What is most striking is the vocal difference. On 'Don't Wake Me Up!' they were impassioned and soaring yet very melodic whereas the verses are delivered with a gritty grow on this track. Some moments still leave room for Carlo's more drawn out, bright vocal shouts that capture that coastal feel, yet they are complimented by aggressive deliveries that give this track an angsty punch that fans of IDLES would enjoy! We can't wait to hear from them this year.

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