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Discover the infectious Blues Rock grooves of Canada's CALICO!

If you’re searching for your next slice of soulful Blues Rock delight then look no further than Canadian outfit CALICO and their new single ‘Ease’ with Leo D J Johnson.

The fuzzy Blues riff is instantly infectious and the tone is just so inviting! The drum groove hooks you with equal hypnotism, driving the track with a rhythm that will make you want to move.

Vocally, the layered vocals have a really bright and catchy sound that oozed with both swagger and melody. All these elements combine for a style that fans of The Black Keys would love.

The backing gospel vocals that come in later in the track add some extra soul and tonal depth and the actual chorus flow becomes incredibly hypnotic time on time.

This is just a wonderfully Bluesy hit that is bound to stick in your head for days! 


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