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Discover the infectious alt-pop grooves of Danny G

Danny Guarino, better known to his fans as Danny G is a quickly rising American Alt-Pop star. His 2022 EP 'Stay In Motion' instantly pricked our ears thanks to the infectious single 'Shameless'. The song has a Bedroom Pop/Pop Rock feel to it and you can hear that as soon as the instrumental comes in. In essence, it’s the kind of track that plays at the end of a ‘coming of age’ teen movie when the protagonist finally defeats the bullies and gets the girl.

The song lyrics include several encouraging phrases such as; “Don’t know where we goin’ but right we keep a chin up” which gives the song a ‘feel good’ vibe. The instrumental keeps mostly the same tempo throughout the song. He does add some bass strums and synths during the chorus. However, what truly give the song its carefree and uplifting feel is the percussion and Danny G’s upbeat and bright vocals.

The song feels like summer and wild nights with your friends. The artist who is currently based in Nashville, Tennessee has amassed quite a huge following on Tiktok due to his comedic skits. His online persona does not take himself too seriously and you can hear that through the music. 'Shameless' is essentially telling you to live for today- or as Drake once said on October 31, 2011; "YOLO".


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