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Discover the confident Hip-Hop/Rock blend of DREAD FM!

Blending elements of old-school hip-hop with a sleazy Rock swagger, DREAD FM create dirty urban sounds filled with dense electronic textures and an in-your-face angsty attitude. Their EP ‘VOID‘ that arrived at the back end of last year brings together hints of Jamie T, The Streets, Gorillaz, Slaves and, more recently, The Skinner Brothers. The tightly rolled lyrical flows are always complimented by a thick Rock riff to add a direct driving force behind the vocals. The bouncing grooves that are laden throughout each track radiate with a confident, no-nonsense energy that focus your attention towards the unrest and social commentary in the lyricism.

They have just returned with a brand new single ‘(SPACE)’ which leads with a thick bass line and eery electronic melody before bursting open into their trademark Rock/Rap blend. This is perhaps the most punchy their vocal delivery has ever been as each words hits the speaker with a gritty determination while the fuzzy Rock riff perpetuates the grimy groove. Whether you’re kicking back for a day of self empowerment or getting ready to go out and be the main character, the soundtrack of DREAD FM will inject you with some cocksure swagger to get you on your way!


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