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Discover the best new Liverpool bands & their latest releases!

2023 saw so many new Liverpool bands and artists breakthrough and this hasn't stopped as we've entered the new year! From Indie and Rock outfits to Folk songwriters and electronic experimenters... here's our rundown of some of our favourite new releases in the Liverpool music scene. You can also keep up to date with the best North-West releases via our playlist below.

Scouse Indie quartet Keyside are quickly becoming one of the most exciting acts in the city. Combing hints of classic Liverpool acts such as The Las and The Coral with their own unique, modern twang, their run of singles have proved time and time again that they have something more to offer than your average Indie lad band.

What immediately sets them apart is the vocals of frontman Dan Parker which have a richness and maturity to them far beyond his years, offering tones reminiscent of The View's Kyle Falconer. The music too, has a more thoughtful edge than most Indie acts provide and their latest single 'Turn Back The Time' is the perfect example of this.

The swinging drum rhythm and wonderfully lucid guitar line immediately create a hypnotic feeling that doesn't let up for the entire track. The vocals float on top of this sound with a poignant lament. Dan's vocals have always sounded impressive yet the soft, soothing textures of this track really allow for them to shine, displaying a fantastic versatility and depth of emotion.

This is a really well crafted track that adds a beautifully sentimental, cinematic sound into their discography, we can assure you there's plenty more from these in 2024!

Get tickets for their biggest headline show to date at Liverpool Arts Club on March 23rd here.

New on the scene, The Drivers Club's debut single 'Lost In Your Mind (Psychokiller)' is a passionate announcement to the Indie scene. Opening with an intimate acoustic sound that showcases the emotive side of their songwriting, the track quality bursts into life and the raspy vocals of frontman Adam Johnson are immediately striking.

The verses have a wonderful bouncy rhythm that makes you want to move yet it is the soaring delivery of the chorus that really grabs you. The shattering vocal line begs to be sang back at the top of your lungs. They also leave room for some instrumental flair later in the track with a vibrant brass sound joining the party and adding an added drama to the finale.

Super fun, poignant and perfect for a sweaty Indie basement show - a fantastic debut!

First coming to attention as part of Clean Cut Kid, songwriter and vocalist Pet Snake is well known in the Liverpool scene for her rich vocal talents and introspective songwriting abilities.

She has just returned with her first single of 2024, ‘Getting Older’, and it is perhaps her most powerful and most melodic track to date.

There are certain elements that we have come to expect with Pet Snake’s music; the rich warmth of her voice and the swooping delivery of her melodies are as beautiful as ever. However, this is more densely layered that a lot of her previous work with a gritty guitar line adding a punchy edge underneath her vocals and elevating the poignancy of her lyricism. Meanwhile, ethereal backing harmonies create an immersive velvety texture that is occasionally punctuated by guitar flair.

The beat is simple and steady yet becomes increasingly hypnotic as the song goes on. In fact, so do all elements of the song. The chorus melodies aren’t ones that grab you by the throat yet they grow on you with every listen and by the end they are well and truly stuck with you, casting a nostalgic, sentimental air.

The self-proclaimed West Midlands emo quartet Danger Dog have become renowned on the Liverpool scene for their visceral live shows. Their music loves to play with your expectations, often lulling you into a false sense of security with gentle, melancholic atmospherics before lurching into angst-fuelled attacks. In terms of their personality they are friendly and unserious, yet their music taps into a much darker and more poignant realm both in its sound and its lyricism.

Photo Credit: Stu Price / @stupricecine

Their new single '(D)anger Dog' is a high-intensity, no-nonsense burst of visceral anger that truly explores the depth of emotion that lies within their songwriting. This is the anthem that will get the moshpits moving.

With a blend of dirty guitar lines, a gritty vocal drawl and plenty of crashing drum fills, HEADFEEDER offer an undeniably appealing slice of classic Rock and Roll. It's music made for getting off your face, forgetting your troubles on the outside world and entering into their high-octane sonic world.

There's elements of the Psych influences that flow through the Liverpool scene... it is a track about getting stoned after all. Yet the heart of the track is the big energy and the constant flair from the guitar line. it never sits still, always offering little sparks of Rock brilliance! A super fun debut release.

Mersyside outfit Ambedo Blue set the bar high with their recent track 'Daddy’s Shoes', a charming and catchy psychedelic Indie track which is the stand out of their new EP 'Bet The Wet'. The four-part outfit describe their sound as “a melancholic trance in which you become absorbed in vivid sensory detail”, an apt commentary for this new single which offers a cleverly crafted and fully immersive sonic experience.

'Daddy’s Shoes' begins with an upbeat whistled tune, providing a funky prelude to the effortlessly catchy vocals. Lead singer Milo Richardson’s voice manages to at once convey both pathos and exuberance and, paired with the guitars and drums, brings zest and texture to the song. The journey of the track is anything but predictable, filled with crescendos where the instruments take centre-stage, and abrupt halts of the guitars, creating a quirky, exciting atmosphere for the vocals to rest on. The lyrics are melancholy and yet sung with something of a lively confidence, intriguing and tempting the listener to have the song on repeat.

Singer Songwriter Samya O'Grady is usually known for the ethereal textures and rich tones of her vocals with her string of 2023 collaborations showcased the wonderful versatility of her vocals and songwriting. Yet, 2024 has seen her take a sonic shift towards a more Dance leaning sound.

'Thinking Clearly' sees her team up with Joe Muldog who brings a more electronic sonic palette to compliment Samya's vocal talents. A slick Disco-infused groove laden with a thick bass line and flavoursome electronic subtleties create a really fun and free-spirited energy while the lyrics hint at something more poignant. These heavy production elements battle with the more natural beauty of the bright piano notes and Samya's vocals in a wonderfully balanced contrast. At times it feels as though the deeper thoughts are battling with the lighter, uplifting electronic tones, perhaps reflecting the inner turmoil and battle for a clear head that the lyrics suggest.

Chaotic Jazz-Funk outfit Bonk! have undeniably been a resounding success in Merseyside and are now rapidly expanding their reach to other major cities across the UK, including Manchester, Leeds, and Sheffield. 

The band of four, made up of Dan Hewitt (Guitar and Vocals), Badri Ram Mohan (Keys), Sam Robinson (Bass), and Remy Forrester (Drums), spent the majority of 2023 gigging in Liverpool and other areas of the UK, showcasing their music, building upon a defying sound and growing their fanbase.

They have returned in 2024 with two new vibrant singles including 'Wave', a mesmerising blend of Jazz, Punk, and Psychedelic melodies. The punchy, snapping bass lines are strong and energetic, while the guitar riffs make you feel like you’re relaxing on a sunny California beach. 

The drums played by Remi add depth to the track while the synths create a kaleidoscope of sound that constantly changes, making for a fascinating sonic experience with lyrics that are equally impressive with their intricate wordplay. 

What sets Bonk! apart from other bands is the way they're able to illustrate and bring their personalities through their music and their live shows. The playfulness and humour that characterise their persona are reflected in the music they create, making it unique and enjoyable for listeners, whether you're a fan of Jazz or Hard Rock, Bonk!'s music has the power to inspire you to embrace your individuality.

Words by Kayleigh Cantrell

Having recently moved from Canada to Liverpool to further their musical aspirations, Chilean frontman Donnie & Ukrainian bassist Lisa from Deshine have already been making waves in the local scene. Whether you catch them busking around Bold Street or getting in the mix at the city's underground gigs, they have quickly become familiar faces around town, focused on their mission of spreading their sonic message.

Inspired by traditional Rock and Brit-Pop giants such as The Beatles, Oasis and The Stone Roses, they are channeling their unforgiving, Punk-spirited attitude and intriguing life stories through a no nonsense brand of high-octane Rock & Roll. Their new single 'Sally' is a gritty beast that will take you back in time and get you craving a raucous live show!

Armed with a slew of hypnotic beats and a hazy vocal delivery that will put you into a trance, Liverpool-based songwriter Captain Crocodile has been treating the local scene to a dose of dreamy melancholia this year with a string of singles.

He makes insular tracks that invite you into a lucid sonic that you may never escape. Crunchy rolling drums are met by a pulsating electro rhythms and moody guitar lines that bring to mind the soundscapes of King Krule. The vocals float across the top of the tracks, blending into the mix and offering subtle melodies infused with a Grunge-tinge. Wonderfully immersive soundscapes that you can fully get lost in.

After announcing UK tours supporting major names including Circa Waves and Vistas, Sterling Press have cemented their quintessential British attitude with a triptych of fresh singles. ‘Doorbell’, ‘Crowdpleaser’ and ‘What Would You Do?’. The tracks offer a new genre-meshing sound thanks to an experimental approach to production and the electronics of the Moog Little Phatty Stage II and the Akai MPK Mini - neither of which take away from the group’s essential ‘guitar-band’ attitude. 

Don’t you ever feel as though your playlist is lacking in doorbell samples? Well, we certainly do... are suffering is now over thanks to this the band's latest release. 'Doorbell' comes reeping in with a Trance-like vocal melody and washed-out Drum and Bass groove, before exploding into a punchy rhythm guitar line and vocals to match. The retrograde verse section loses none of the intro’s energy and makes for a true Indie blend between a slightly-driven guitar riff, laid back drum beat and edgy lyrics that address the listeners at the door. If this threefold foray wasn’t enough, we’re then brought into a Psychedelic bridge; another genre seamlessly entered into, and perfectly executed - lifting listener’s into the provocative chorus hook "tell me who you’re trying to be?".

This lyrical attitude prevails for the rest of the track, thanks to lines "you got the gift of the gab, but your charm’s all gone" and "you talk about yourself for far too long". If the song needed anything more, we’re given a House-influenced bridge that cuts through the section’s previous Psychedelic feel, to drop us into the final chorus. Calling an end to a truly genre-meshing but essentially guitar driven tune, complimented by forward-thinking production techniques and experimentation with samples of … a doorbell, who’d have thought?

Words from Joseph Wray


Hushtones are a retro Alt-Pop band from Liverpool, now an influential presence in the North-West music scene. The band has humble beginnings in a small restaurant on Bold Street, where lead vocalists Martha Goddard and Mick Campbell crossed paths - the rest, as they say, is history. Their impressive discography is a patchwork of musical influences and genres which slips from Psych Pop to Blues, a diverse musical body swaying amongst the crowd. The band draws inspiration from both old and new: The Beatles, Fleetwood Mac, Sunflower Bean and Kate Bush, to name a few. 

Their most recent single ‘Deja Vu’ was released last month. In it, drums, guitar and vocals melt together, suspending time. The lilting ripple of male and female voices harmonise perfectly, floating you into musical bliss on a wave of instrumentals. A descending melody seamlessly segways into a chorus that is at once relaxing and energising. This song comes with a compulsion to dance.

There is a beautiful interlude where the guitars take centre stage, conjuring up an otherworldly dimension between their vibrating strings. Then, the vocals return for a final ethereal chorus.  As the song ends you’re suddenly aware that 153 delicious seconds have ticked by, and you barely register as you hit replay. Nostalgic, tranquil and smooth, soon you’ll have played this single so many times that it really will begin to feel like ‘Deja Vu’.

Words by Emily Warner

Hailing from Liverpool, Modern Rock band Centerfold have released their new single 'Changing World'. Having played iconic venues such as The Zanzibar and The Jacaranda, the band have brought back crunchy traditional guitar riffs to create their awesome new single. This marks their second single after the success of their first release 'Rewrite Your Time' that arrived in September.  

Photo Credit: Dylan Cox

The track starts off with a strong, catchy drum beat to introduce the song with the overall tone of the lyrics perfectly underpinned by melancholic, ominous riffs throughout. Josh Stevenson kicks off the track with a raspy vocal style reminiscent of early Grunge, launching into the catchy chorus with heavily distorted guitar and energetic drumming. The power of the vocals cut through starting off with “what you see is true destruction”, demonstrating full range in the track. 

The pace of the song slows down towards the end by playing an ascending guitar lick, isolating it from the wall of sound. This is short lived as it returns to the energetic headbanging chorus that really makes this track tick!

Words by Jamie Griffiths

Mickey Callisto is a flamboyant, space-obsessed frontman in the lineage of his professed hero Freddie Mercury: upfront, outrageous and without a trace of irony, he filters the theatrics of Queen in their royal pomp with the sparkling Electro-Disco pioneered by Giorgio Moroder

Photo Credit: Luke Bryant

Mickey's new EP ‘Homospace’ seems like a mission statement in its harvest of each of these integral elements to his musical persona. The lyrics outline a LGBTQ+ utopia in the void of space (“leave all your woes behind you / let yourself go and feel the breakthrough”): what once seemed like a cold vacuum devoid of life becomes a potential for flourishing in comparison to the unappealing homophobia rampant on Earth. Of course, it could also be a representation of finding a literal space to feel comfortable with oneself, a more down-to-earth aspiration than its initial celestial connotations. 

Musically, the track bursts into prismatic light, all aglow with percolating arpeggiators dancing freely alongside spurts of burbling bass. Its execution is so unashamed in its gaudiness that it becomes as liberating as the words gliding atop it. It’s a fantastic show of strength from Callisto, setting himself up as a space-age, 21st century challenger to his pop idols.

Words by Beau Waddell

Adult Contemporary trio Motel Sundown lull listeners with their new single 'Midnight Blue'. Following the band’s inception in Liverpool in 2018, the Americana-inspired outfit have created calming, peaceful and vividly nostalgic songs that envelop and intrigue you. Their compositions are filled with perfectly-blended three-part harmonies and jazzy instrumentals, earning themselves a fast-growing fanbase.

Aptly named, 'Midnight Blue' is the perfect anthem for a winter day, epitomising the band’s signature wistful sound. The gentle strumming of a guitar and soft snare accompany the smooth, mellow vocals which are somewhat reminiscent of The Cranberries’ Dolores O’Riordan. The band’s vocals speak for themselves: powerful, yet haunting and laced with emotion, and, combined with the sentimental lyrics they make for an immersive, emotion-packed listening experience.

The band’s sonic success is a testament to artists they grew up with, which inspire both their songwriting and their sound. Bob Dylan is credited as one of their early inspirations, and the influence of his poetic lyricism is palpable in this track.

Fans saw the band tour the width of the United Kingdom throughout the year and they will undoubtedly continue to captivate crowds in the new year.

Words by Saba Khorassani

The brilliant debut track from Dog Sport was an absolute pleasure for us to review as the Liverpool Post-Punk outfit are well on their way to cementing their name as one of the most exciting and daring new acts within the Alternative scene.

The first thing that hits you on this son are the crashing drums which pound through the track with an industrial intention. This is perfectly paired with vocals reminiscent of John Cooper Clarke’s northern poetic realism all laid over the glass-like Shoegaze tones of the guitars, weaving a dissonant horror theme through the chorus. The guitar work is particularly impressive as the tones achieved make the instruments wail and howl, giving an image of a horrifying, surreal journey through an industrial plane, never taking the spotlight through arrogance but through sheer power and magnitude when called upon.

Through the verse there is a brilliant minimalist approach with an eerie use of synth to give an overall space to the track with a subtle guitar riff complimenting it to give a very wide sound even with little sonic space being used. The silence is used immaculately, the silence is key. Last but not least, the real driving factor of this song is the bass which plays the key part in the constant rhythm, unrelenting and beautifully haunting. A stellar debut from Dog Sport which we’re sure will go down as a characteristically great song from a great catalogue yet to come.

Words by Charlie Prosser

One of the richest voices and most emotive songwriters in the North-West is Indie Folk artist Ria Hanley. Her music has been lauded across the region, gaining countless radio plays and earning her memorable live slots across the country.

What is so striking about her voice is that she has the depth and richness of a Rock singer yet uses this power in a more delicate manner, creating poignant swooping melodies that resonate with warmth and elevate the emotive impact of her heartfelt lyricism.

Her latest single 'Heart To Break' is no different. Melancholic lyrics of troubled romance blend with a cinematic piano performance that remains relatively understated, allowing her voice to really shine.

The intro is soft and intimate, luring you into the sonic depths of her voice before the second chorus really takes things higher. Swinging instrumentation joins the show as he vocals begin to soar and produce an anthemic sound filled with passion and lament.

This is the third single in the run up to Ria's new EP, out next year, and judging by this track, it's going to be a cracker.

Astles’ new single 'This One’s for You' fits perfectly with his oeuvre of soothing, soft Indie music, described aptly on his Spotify profile to be “as warm as milky tea”. Originally from the seaside town of Southport, Astles’ songs are a celebration of tenderness, all with a distinct undercurrent of nostalgia. Think somewhere between Matt Maltese and Billie Marten, he delivers a sound listeners are sure to savour.

Liverpool Songwriter Astles | BOOT - - - MUSIC

'This One’s for You' begins with a slightly melancholy tone, with minimal instruments accompanying Daniel Astles’ voice. The track showcases his lullaby-esque tone with its calming rhythm and he manages to make even the drums sound soft and light. Then, as the song progresses, his voice becomes perfectly accompanied by a series of string instruments, subtly adding depth and dynamism to the track, and by the second chorus the lilting keys of a piano are added to create a vibrant symphony, captivating the listener throughout. The result? A building crescendo of textures and sounds that marks the upbeat denouement of the track.

Astles’ music charms listeners all the more live, and he is performing in several locations across the coming months, including trendy Jaguar Shoes in London and at Liverpool's Philharmonic Music Room where he will be accompanied by a string quartet. With his contemplative lyrics and flowing sound, Asltes is not one to miss!

Words by Saba Khorassani

We couldn't publish this article without including the new single from our favourite local newcomers, Shefu. The quirky Alt-Rock quintet have made waves recently, finally playing a run of shows alongside fellow Liverpool outfit Crawlers, the support slot that they were destined to take on from day one! So, now is the perfect time to welcome their newly gained slew of Shefoids by releasing their third single, 'Butterknife'.

Photo Credit: Jess Meade

Opening with a raw, vulnerable and haunting acoustic intro, the song then jumps into a much bigger and more anthemic Rock sound. The track is filled with vocal prowess and instrumental flair, especially from the sharp, winding guitar line that cuts through with a wonderful power.

Radiating with 90s angsty energy, the track beautifully combines their love for both throw away humour and deeply poignant sentiments while delivering it all with a confident, moody swagger.

Fuzzy Liverpool-based Alt Rock outfit TRIPWIRE have returned with their latest single 'Time To Wake Up', a song that caught us by surprise a little as it shows a whole new, more delicate and vulnerable side to them.

They are known for their raw power and anthemic walls of sound, now, don't get us wrong, these are more than present in the new single. However, the verses see a stripped back sound, filled with rim shots and a dreamy Grunge guitar line that floats dreamily around the track. The vocals, too, have a heartfelt intimacy and high pitched delivery that creates a more emotive and considered approach.

These verses really draw the listener into the depths of the song, meaning that when the heavy, soaring chorus kicks in, you become completely absorbed by the Rock power.

A demonstration of emotive range and mature arrangements as well as a proper head banging chorus make for a fantastic demonstration of all things good about TRIPWIRE. The harsh energy of the finale leaves a lasting imprint of their trademark force but the whole song showcases many different sides to the powerful newcomers. 

One of our favourite newcomers from our hometown has to be the Indie noisemakers TOY CAR. Their string of singles and debut EP last year showcased their songwriting talents with songs like 'Burn The House Down' demonstrating a wonderful skill for atmospheric balance, dipping between introspective grooves and more expressive vocal deliveries. 'New' offered their most memorable melodies and showed their more lively side that comes out in a live setting. Yet, their new single 'Rat Race' sees them ramp the energy up even more and deliver an instant Indie anthem that we can't get enough of!

It is their first single they have all recorded as a band and this shines through as there's a scrappy, audible camaraderie and synergy between all members. From the very first moments of the track you are slapped awake by the fast-paced, punchy drum rhythm that is filled with an infectious Punk fire. The grumbling bass line is dark and moody and while the guitar radiates with a sharp, angsty tone, cutting through in the right moments to provide snippets of vibrant, Rock and Roll flair.

However, it is the vocals of songwriter Shaun Hough that give this track its anthemic, rebellious spirit. Each line is shouted down the mic with a true frontman's swagger that makes you wanna get up and into that moshpit, chanting the words back. There's elements of the noisy, fighting spirit of Oasis, the scrappy energy of 00s Indie and the dense, flavoursome instrumentation of modern Indie/Post-Punk bands such as Sports Team, FEET and Youth sector, a wonderful combination that should make any Indie fan excited for what is to come from these guys.

Cult favourites Woo have struck again with a much darker and trancier song than their previous effort ‘My People’. The Rock outfit wear their influences on their sleeve in the most delectable and inventive way. A worry for new bands can be sounding like imitators of their predecessors but Woo have become originators while digging through the music history of both Liverpool and Manchester and created a track with the swagger of Oasis and the dark and mysterious melodies of Echo and the Bunnymen.

The drum beat may initially catch you off guard as it is not used to just keep time but used to create another layer of melodic texture through the off-kilter rhythmic pattern while the bass drives forward the groove for this track. For a song steeped in New-Wave and Post-Punk tradition the rhythm section really combines to give an almost trance like state. The guitars are used intermittently through the verse to give a great tension-building effect with long legato notes ringing out deep into the belly of this tune, only to take centre stage with a simple but roaringly powerful solo.

Finally, laid over all this fantastic soundscape is the brilliant, regional vocals providing a drone to the song, further pulling you into the trance like state created by the instrumental. A fantastic second single and sure to be an instant classic around Liverpool!

Words by Charlie Prosser

Alright (Okay) have been making waves on their local underground scene for a good while now, known for their visceral live shows, quirky attitude and appealing dense and scrappy sound. This scrappiness is not to be confused with sloppiness because every note they play is placed there with intent yet they prefer to perform with a lucid, Garage band style rather than a crisper, commercialised delivery.

Photo Credit: Florintein

Their latest single 'Hotel Mabuhay' begins with an intimate, raw Indie Rock atmosphere as the deep vocals are spoken with swagger and instrumental tensions before before they properly dive into their gritty sonic swing. The production and performance has a very live feeling to it, capturing their renowned live ability to dissolve the liminal space between themselves and the audience. This creates a very immersive, all-consuming sound both, in the live setting and on this single.

The instrumental flair later in the track brings a joyous spirit to the otherwise dense and moody soundscape with a bright Indie guitar line, that rings of Arctic Monkeys' first record, piercing through the noise. There's an audible camaraderie to their vocal back and forth later in the song, as if you can feel the guys loving every moment of their time playing together and this feeling is infectious!

Worlds of gloomy retro Rock and bright Indie melody clash together beautifully on what may be their best single yet. However, it is always best sample live so look out for their upcoming dates.


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