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Discover the anthemic Synth-Rock drama of The Nations United and their new single 'Gravity'!

Do you love the drama and soaring, synth-infused chorus' of The Killers? Then look no further for your new favourite band! The Nations United is the new project from Birmingham-based Darius Zaltash that is set to make huge waves thanks to the debut single 'Gravity', an epic sonic journey that has an almost cosmic quality.

These notes of The Killers are instantly present as the anthemic instrumentals burst open the track with an overwhelming energy. Huge drums and a formidable synth attack lead the way forming an intro that is both powerful, poignant and undeniably catchy. The verses have a more insular style as emotive, introspective lyrics fall on top of a rolling electronic pulse. These verses allow for you to be drawn into the heart of the track and learn about the song's deeper themes of suicide and recovery before you are launched into a supersonic chorus that you won't forget!

This transition from insular sounds to such a bright and expansive chorus cleverly mirrors the song's sentiment; it is as if this chorus is dragging you out of that black hole of emotion and transporting you into a new, empowering and life-saving state of euphoria. The vocals have a commanding presence, singing each line with a performative, meaningful depth to them, again ringing of Brandon Flowers' performance on songs like 'When We Were Young'.

The song is a whirlwind of emotion, both meloncholic and joyous but always sonically captivating. The high-octane energy of the synth hooks has a staggering effect and will leave you feeling transformed! We just can't wait to see what will come next from this project.


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