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Discover Molly Millington, the new Australian Indie Pop sensation!

One of our favourite new Aussie discoveries has to be the Indie Pop songwriter Molly Millington who seems to be creating banger after banger! Combining astute lyrical observations of human emotion with infectious Pop melodies, Molly is creating an irresistible sonic concoction that will have you dancing around your room in no time!

Her single 'Foreign Accent' first caught our attention thanks to its a chorus melody that will instantly stick in your head and refuse to leave for days! The layered vocals in the track create a sense that it is being sang by a group full of people which radiates an audible camaraderie and, together with the echoed electronic production, builds a dance inducing sound to kick off the track.

The verses are crisp and tight, creating a nice rhythm that will hook you in while allowing plenty of room to showcase the versatility of Molly's vocals as well as her poignant lyrical sentiments about diving headfirst into unknown territory. Yet, it is the chorus that will truly stay with you. Filled with a punchy, high energy drum rhythm and a dense web of textured Indie sounds, you feel completely enraptured by the sonic atmosphere that is built up.

Now, her latest release 'Healing' sheds a light on another aspect of Molly's songwriting, delving into a more intimate and introspective sound. Her vocals are as captivating and melodic as ever, yet the intro really showcases her versatility and emotive power as she delivers the words with a delicate finesse before gaining her trademark vocal swagger later in the song.

The track acts as the closer to her upcoming EP and it is fitting to bring a project to an end as it is a full sonic journey in itself, representing the journey of the EP as a whole while also offering a very full and multi faceted finale. There are moments of punchy Rock emotion with big instrumental stabs in the chorus while there are also moments of gliding melodies matched by twinkling electronic sounds that add a cute, dreamy texture. The song radiates vulnerability, empowerment, sadness and hope all in one and is a wonderful demonstration of both Molly's songwriting and vocal abilities.

If this is an indication for what the EP will sound like then we can't wait!

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