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Discover London Rocker Jaws The Shark ahead of his performance at our Issue 4 launch party!

From playing in a band at 18 and spending a number of years as an artist and tour manager, Olly Bailey has amassed vast experience behind the scenes in the music industry. However, in 2020 at the height of the pandemic, he decided to utilise this passion and branch out on his own solo project titled Jaws The Shark. Following the release of two EP’s in 2022, Olly has reached success with wider audiences, receiving support from platforms such as BBC Radio 6 and Radio X.

His standout single is 'Waiting for something’, track number two of five from Jaws The Shark’s forthcoming EP. This track explores the complex emotions associated with longing for the past whilst feeling a sense of discontent about the present. This song delves into the bittersweet nature of reminiscing and the inner turmoil that can arise from the gap between what once was and what currently is.

However, despite the melancholy undertone of the lyrics, this track is not an acoustic ballad but rather a high-energy Rock tune. The song itself is accompanied by an upbeat tempo underpinned by a gritty electric guitar that runs throughout, this is particularly productive in the bridge towards the end of the track in which Olly picks up the speed making effective use of feedback and providing a guitar solo in which the listener can really get lost in.

It is high-octane, anthemic Rock that will be perfect for the live evironment! Speaking of which... Jaws The Shark headlines our Issue 4 launch party at The Jacaranda on October 14th. Tickets available here.


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