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Dee Holt releases captivating new EP 'i'll be there'!

Undoubtedly one of Canada's most exciting new prospects is Dee Holt who exploded in 2022 with a succession of singles and her debut EP. Some of those tracks leant on her R&B influence with rich and crisp guitar lines leading a stripped back sound. They balanced playful urban sounds reminiscent of early Lily Allen with more intimate, layered harmonies that demonstrate her technical ability.

However, her new EP 'i'll be there' sees her really step things up as she sweeps through sultry Bedroom Pop romps and irresistibly catchy pop bangers alike. The title track opens the EP with a poignant track that slowly grows more and more infectious with each chorus. The vocals are intimate and the melody is understated but it is a true earworm and shows off her more delicate side while showcasing her natural vocal ability.

Yet it is tracks like 'sober' and 'better' that really see Dee come into her own! The former has a punchy hip-hop beat that creates a solid groove for Dee to deliver her swagger-filled vocals on top of with a cool and confident finesse.

'better' is perhaps Dee's most impressive track to date. The moody warmth of her vocals mixed with the thick beat instantly rings of Billie Eilish as it radiates an empowering attitude. Each couple of lines offer a new, nuanced melody that draws you in before switching up to another, equally memorable vocal hook and it is this constant barrage of vocal melodies that makes you want to listen again and again and again! The chorus lives up to the same high standards, delivering an understated yet insanely catchy hook that becomes more and more hypnotic each time you hear it. Vocal flair and audible attitude is in abundance while the thick production elevates the track's dance worthy quality.

'dishes' is another highlight that offers a brighter, more summer-ready sound. The acoustic swing instantly radiates a feel-good Pop energy that makes you want to sing along. It has doses of Beabadoobee's 'coffee' but with a more commanding urban groove. It also has some of Dee's most impressive vocal moments as she flicks between smooth melodies and moments of high-pitched vocal flair

Dee Holt's talent was never in doubt but this EP could be a game changer!


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