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Declan Mckenna returns with bright Pop ballad 'Sympathy'!

Declan McKenna’s latest single ‘Sympathy’ dives headfirst into summer, leaving listeners suspended between a melodic guitar hook, lilting lyrics and psychedelic beats.

The undulating allure of his voice is scattered with handclaps and twinkling noises, like flickers of sunlight on the ocean. Everything about this single encourages fans to enjoy a carefree moment. It is a buoyant, refreshing tune; thought-provoking in its simplicity and the beginning of an exciting new trajectory in McKenna’s career as an artist.

After gaining immense popularity for politically-charged songs such as ‘Brazil’ and ‘Why Do You Feel so Down’, McKenna reveals that his next album will turn inwards; ‘Sympathy’ is just the preview. Prioritising interiority and directness, he strips back the layers to reveal something like solace amidst the chaos. ‘Sympathy’ sees McKenna return to the forefront of the Indie Pop world as provides a perfect precursor to his UK festival stints this summer.


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