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Davis John Patton returns with new single 'Vacant Airport' ahead of debut album, out July 22nd!

Davis John Patton released 'Forest Park', his first independent EP, in 2019. His lead single of the album, ‘Motives’, gained nearly 2 million Spotify streams and instantly raised his stakes in the US scene. Now, Patton’s latest release, ‘Vacant Airport’, has completed a promising run of singles in 2022 that are taken from his upcoming debut album, out July 22nd.The new track evokes a sense of memory that Rick Florino describes through the imagery of dusting down an old photo album. The music of Patton evidently makes listeners recall a certain nostalgia flooding them with memories from a lost place in their past. Although ‘Vacant Airport’ makes you nostalgic with a sense of melancholia, it is not discouraging at all. It urges you to take a pause from the rush of life and momentarily reflect on what it truly means to reconnect with ourselves in a society that does not wait.

In a way, ‘Vacant Airport’ is reassuring you to give that time for yourself and it projects a serene picture that helps you to re-evaluate the true values of life.The poetic approach that Patton takes in his music allows Folk to regain the depth it originally had in the early 1960s. Patton connects to a system of values of inner peace and a harmonious state of mind that is refreshing in our achievement driven society. He brings a new kind of understanding that is much simpler and natural to that of the performance-based lifestyles we live in. In a sense, this is what Patton’s folk represents, an authentic version of the individual. ‘Vacant Airport’ offers us a chance to reflect on our place in life in today’s rushing world.


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