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D Fine Us - The Fox

Here at BOOT --- MUSIC we love sharing our favourite new music with you all and we spend most of our time scouring the nooks and crannies of the Indie rock world to find new music worth shouting about. However, every once in a while we stumble across something outside of these genre parameters when we hear something we just can’t ignore. The latest track to simply force us to write about is the genre bending hip-hop of Isreali outfit D Fine Us.

D Fine Us is a musical project founded by songwriter and producer Tomer Katz. Pulling references from delta blues, soul and R&B, the act collides old with new, infusing contemporary, electronic textures to create a compelling blend of ‘culture-clashed’ music.

Their latest track ‘The Fox’ featuring Noga Erez and Big T is a deep sonic exploration, matching soulful vocals with African influenced beats and a hypnotic flute hook that creates a great deal of the song's quality. The chorus is expansive, opening up with light cymbals, mirrored in the absorbing music video that features hand painted figures in the verse before opening up to reality in the chorus.

A special mention has to be said for Noga Erez's feature that comes around the two minute mark. It gives 'The Fox' that final element that brings it all together and cements the track as one of the most interesting sounds we have been sent this year!


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